3 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Beef Appetizer

If you’re thinking of having a party at your house for Christmas or simply a get together for friends in the winters, there’s one thing you really need to work hard on: food! Most of the friends you have will only come over at your house for the food. Food needs to be exceptional no matter what course you’re serving.

No matter what kind of gathering you are having over during the winter, you need to come up with a menu to serve 5% more than the number of guests you’ve actually invited. This is because you need to make sure there’s sufficient food for everyone to consume, even if a few guests eat more than average.

If you’re deciding what kind of menu you’re setting, you need to keep in mind that the appetizer or starter of your course will be setting the tone for the rest of the menu. This is why, it is always advised to keep a beef appetizer for your party’s menu. Here are a few reasons why:

1. It Sets the Tone for Menu

Meat appetizer recipes are best for setting tone for the entire menu for your party. Whether you’re thinking about making beef bites or beef tortillas, there’s nothing better than beef recipes for appetizers. Appetizers made with beef will make your guests enjoy juicy bites in the beginning of a menu and they’ll remember these for the rest of the year! Beef is juicier, healthier and definitely a winter appetizer for parties.

2. It’s a Healthier Option

healthy meat

As opposed to chicken, beef is a healthier alternate to include in your menu. Beef contains more protein and fat value to ensure your guests are able to retain more energy throughout the party. Beef is also rich in iron and zinc, which makes it a better option for the health conscious friends you have. Instead of keeping it as main course, keeping a beef appetizer is a much better option so people consume less of it and retain more of its taste!

3. It’s a Juicier Side

Whether you add beef to your sides or your appetizers, you will notice that the meat is juicier and blends better with other ingredients of the dish. For instance, beef appetizers include beef tacos, potato and beef empanadas, beefy skillet dips or whatever your choice may be; beef makes up a better combination with other ingredients. It contains saturated fat and salt and therefore establishes a stronger combination with other ingredients including cheese, salads, tacos and even sauces. It is simpler to make beef combinations and enjoy their taste.

Beef appetizers are also rather fulfilling and juicier when combined with the main course and beverages. Taste buds are enriched and enlightened when you consume beef appetizers.

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